Payroll Deduction

Appointed faculty and staff of Rutgers University can utilize payroll deduction to purchase technology from kite+key, Rutgers Tech Store. This offers faculty and staff an interest-free financing option for select technology purchased made through kite+key.

Already have a payroll deduction? Add to your current enrollment with a minimum purchase of $250. 

Payroll Deduction Terms & Conditions >>


Must be a full-time 10 or 12-month faculty or staff of Rutgers University on payroll as outlined in Employee Eligibility. Item eligibility requirements include:

  • Initial item must have a value of at least $250 (additional items less than $250 may be added on but not as a sole transaction.)
  • Installment limit of $3,000 in one transaction.
  • Only one open payroll deduction installment at a time.

For 12-Month Employees

  • Installment is for one-year
  • Payments are spread out equally over each pay period and cannot be adjusted.

For 10-Month Employees

  • Installment is due in full by June 30, regardless of commencement.
  • Payments are spread out equally depending upon time of commitment through June 30.


Employee is required to provide a Rutgers photo ID and unexpired government ID at time of purchase. Please visit the kite+key location in Piscataway (The Plaza at Livingston Campus) or Newark (Hahne & Co. Building) or call (848) 445-1127 for more information.