The Student Commuter Rewards Program is a green initiative that promotes Rutgers University–Newark and Camden students to using mass transportation to get to and from classes. By submitting monthly transit receipts, students can receive up to $50 in gift card rewards monthly at kite+key, Rutgers Tech Store or Barnes & Noble (Newark only). The program is an alternative solution to the limited amount of parking available on the Rutgers–Camden, and Newark campuses.

Any currently enrolled Rutgers University-Newark (excluding Newark RBHS) or Rutgers University-Camden student using mass transit through NJT, SEPTA, PATCO, and PATH, for transportation to/from class.

September through May


  • Must not purchase a Rutgers University parking permit throughout the duration of the program
  • Original transit pass, receipt, and Rutgers ID Card must be submitted through the online portal
  • Pass must be submitted by the 15th of the following redemption month. (ex. September redemption period is September 1 - October 15th) > Late submissions will not be accepted
  • All rewards gift cards must be picked up by the June 30th of that academic/program year. Any rewards gift cards not picked up by June 30th will be forfeited.


Registration is currently closed for the academic year.
(once per academic year)

Monthly submissions is currently closed for the academic year. 
(monthly transit receipt submission)

(upon submission approval)

*Rewards are issued in the form of kite+key, Rutgers Tech Store gift cards in any denomination up to $50 or Barnes & Noble gift cards (Newark) issued in $50 increments only.

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Any questions for monthly redemptions

Limit one promotion up to $50 per participant per month for the program duration. The participant is responsible for lost or stolen gift cards. Only one gift card will be issued per participant per month. We reserve the right to change or amend the program at any time. Participants found in breach of the Rutgers University Code of Student Code will be disqualified from the program for the duration of their attendance at Rutgers University.