(Updated 12/3/2020)
Due to the pandemic and surrounding situation the university is suspending the payroll deduction program until further notice. We will not be accepting any new payroll deductions or rollover applications, anyone currently participating in the program will still see deductions for prior purchases. We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to resuming the program in the future.
Please note technology loans are available through the Rutgers Federal Credit Union (RFCU). For information please visit their website.

Appointed faculty and staff of Rutgers University can utilize payroll deduction to purchase technology from kite+key, Rutgers Tech Store. This offers faculty and staff an interest-free financing option for select technology purchased made through kite+key.

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Must be a full-time 10 or 12-month faculty or staff of Rutgers University on payroll as outlined in Employee Eligibility. Item eligibility requirements include:

  • Initial item must have a value of at least $250 (additional items less than $250 may be added on but not as a sole transaction.
  • Installment limit of $3,000 in one transaction.
  • Only one open payroll deduction installment at a time.

For 12-Month Employees

  • Installment is for one-year
  • Payments are spread out equally over each pay period and cannot be adjusted.

For 10-Month Employees

  • Installment is due in full by June 30, regardless of commencement.
  • Payments are spread out equally depending upon time of commitment through June 30.


Employee is required to provide a Rutgers photo ID and unexpired government ID at time of purchase. Please visit your nearest kite+key location for more information.