Student Commuter Reward Program

Use mass transit and recieve up to a $50 gift card*


Any enrolled Rutgers University-Newark or Rutgers University-Camden student using mass transit through NJT, SEPTA; PATCO, and PATH, for transportation to/from class.


September through May


Partcipants must not purchase a Rutgers University parking permit. Original transit pass, receipt, and Rutgers ID Card must be submitted through the App. Gift cards are for kite+key in any denomination or Barnes & Noble (Newark only) issued in $50 increments. Pass must be submitted by the 15th of the following redemption month. (ex. September redemption period is September 1 - October 15th)  


1. Download the kite+key smartphone app for iOS or Android.

2. After creating an account select the Commuter Rewards button and each month submit photos of your transit passes and RUID to redeem your gift cards.

More information about how to redeem > 



1. What is the Commuter Reward Program?
It is a program to reward Rutgers Newark and Camden students for not bringing a car on campus.

2. Who is eligible for commuter rewards?
Program eligibility is for full and part time, graduate or undergraduate students enrolled at Rutgers University–Newark or Rutgers University–Camden, using mass transit for their own transportation to/from class. RBHS students do not qualify for the program.

3. What do I need to do in order to redeem my reward?
Students must submit original transit pass, receipt, and valid Rutgers ID through the iOS or Andriod smartphone app. 

4. Can my reward be picked up by someone other than myself?
No, you must come in person with your Rutgers Newark or Rutgers Camden identification card. 

5. Can I redeem my reward online?
Rewards are only given out at kite+key, Rutgers Tech Store located in Newark or Camden.

6. Can I use the kite+key gift card on the online store?
Coming soon.

7. What if I don’t have a receipt? 
You must provide evidence of payment of a monthly pass to/from Newark/Camden. If you are unable to do so we cannot provide a reward.

8. Can I email you my receipt?

9. Can I give you my daily or trip tickets?
We only accept monthly transit tickets to Rutgers–Newark and we accept both daily and monthly transit tickets to Rutgers–Camden. 

10. Can I only redeem a reward if my pass is over $50?
No, you can redeem any amount of a monthly pass, however, the reward is only UP TO $50 based on actual cost of the monthly pass.

11. What rewards does the program offer?
Any amount up to and including $50 for kite+key, Rutgers Tech Store, or $50 Barnes & Noble (Newark only), based on the actual cost of monthly pass up to $50.

12. Do the gift cards expire?
kite+key and Barnes & Noble gift cards do not expire.

13. Can I use the Barnes & Noble gift cards at any Barnes & Noble location?

14. Can I redeem rewards from the previous month?
Pass must be submitted by the 15th of the following redemption month. (ex. September redemption period is September 1 - October 15th) 

 15. Can I swap out a reward for a different one if I haven’t used it?
No, once a reward is issued we are not able to make any changes.

16. Do I have to sign up again every month?
No, signup is once. However, your school enrollment and parking account will be verified each month to ensure continued program eligibility.

17. How many gift cards am I able to collect per month?
One. You will only be able to receive up to one gift card per month in the amount provided on your transit pass receipts.  

Any questions or monthly redemptions: Email [email protected] | 973-353-1225 (NEWARK) or [email protected] | 856-225-2977 (CAMDEN) 

*Limit one promotion up to $50 per participant per month for program duration. Participant is responsible for lost or stolen gift cards. Only one gift card will be issues per participant per month.