Choosing a Protection Plan

Life happens and so do accidents, that is why kite+key offers both AppleCare+ and Safeware protection plans to help you keep your technology like new. Here are some commonly asked questions between the two types of plans:

What products does this plan cover? Only Apple products. Any electronic device at least $350 in value.
Total Coverage period? 2 years Up to 4 years based on the type of plan purchased. 
Accidential damage coverage? Yes, 2 incidents with $99 deductible (screen or external enclosure) or $299 deductible (other damage) Yes, no deductible. 2 incidents of coverage provided up to the purchased product amount, the policy is then considered fulfilled.
Theft coverage? No.  Yes. Only for the first year, but can be extended for a fee. If replaced, policy is considered fulfilled. Police report required. You must register your warranty at the Safeware website.
How many repairs do I get? As many as needed throughout the coverage period for manufacturer defect issues, 2 incidents for accidental damage. Each repair cost is deducted from the value of the policy. Once this value is exceeded the policy is considered fulfilled. 
How long do I have to decide before I purchase? Within 60 days of original product purchase. AppleCare purchaes made after the computer purchases require inspection by kite+key. Within 1 year of original purchase. kite+key must inspect the product to confirm it is in working order if purchased after the original purchase.